Rainwater Harvesting

Consulting and Design of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Collecting, filtering, and reusing rainwater on a large scale can seem like and expensive concept and lengthy process, but we can help create a complete water harvesting system that will benefit your facility with a reasonable return on investment.

Rainwater Harvesting DesignSARG Water Solutions can consult with you and design a sustainable rainwater solution to help solve potable, non-potable and stormwater challenges. Each one of our rainwater harvesting system is custom tailored to site features, intended water use, budget, new construction or a retrofit, and other factors.

SARG Water Solutions offers low-maintenance systems to collect and re-use rainwater in residential or commercial structures. In a typical installation, water from all of the downspouts of a building is piped to and stored in surface or underground tanks. Specialized pumps, control systems, and disinfection systems draw water from the storage tanks to irrigate landscapes, fill swimming pools or ponds, flush toilets, and wash clothes. We can also supply rainwater systems capable of producing water suitable for showering or drinking.

Alternative water source systems should always be designed and sized by design professionals. When designing your system we will first meet with you to determine your water needs. We will then factor in components such as climate, rainfall rate and intensity, collection source (roof size and material), storage (size and type of tank), filtration and disinfectant and delivery of water. We will also research the necessary codes and permits.

With our limited fresh water supply, we all need to look for ways to reduce our use of this critical resource. To learn how we can help you create a specific rainwater harvesting system design for your needs contact us at 520-622-8763.