Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Choosing the right rain water collection and storage system

There are several types of systems to harvest rainwater, ranging from very simple home water storage tanks to complex industrial water storage systems. At SARG Water Solutions all of our residential and commercial rainwater harvesting systems have the same principal of collecting rainwater, but do so in slightly different ways.

How do you choose the right rainwater collecting system ?

Before you choose a rain harvesting system you need you should start by determining how much water you use. When you review your next water bill, note how many gallons of water you consumed. Then you need to think about how you will be using your stored rainwater. Some common uses are gardening, washing your car, washing off exterior paths and porches, etc. Finally you need to determine the square footage of your catchment area (normally your roof).

Then use our rainwater calculator to find out the amount of water you can collect based on the amount of rainfall and square footgage of your building.

The type of tank you choose will depend on the amount of water to be stored and the area available for installing the tank. The most important things to consider when choosing a rain harvesting system is that the system is sized to meet the water demand throughout the dry season and that the size of the catchment area or roof is large enough to fill the tank.

Read below to learn more about how each of our rainwater harvesting systems works and which one is right for your application.

Above Ground Metal Water Tanks

Use: Residential or Commercial
Material: Steel
Storage Capacity: 100 gallons - multi-thousands of gallons
Best Used for: Public areas where there might be risk of abuse / Locations where weather may be extreme
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Above Ground Plastic Water Tanks

Use: Residential or Commercial
Material: Poly-Ethelyn
Storage Capacity: 75 gallon- 30,000 gallon
Best Used for: Residential use / More cost effective / simple installations
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Underground Water Tanks

Use: Residential or Commercial
Material: Plastic / Steel / Fiberglass / Concrete
Storage Capacity: unlimited
Best Used for: Public or commercial sites / Projects looking to not be seen / Extreme Weather areas
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Commercial Water Tanks

Use: Commercial
Material: Plastic / Steel / Fiberglass
Storage Capacity: 500 gallons - unlimited
Best Used for: Large commercial areas / Areas of possible tank abuse / Large storage capacity needed
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