Rainwater Harvesting

Tucson Community Food Bank

Location: Tucson, Arizona
Project: Rainwater Harvesting, 15,000 gallons

As part of a green initiative, Tucson’s community food bank decided to capture rainwater from their rooftop. We installed a gutter capture system that channels water into a 21 ft tall and 12 ft diameter tank, holding just under 15,000 gallons. The tank is set on a square concrete slab with supply penetrations going through the foundation. This tank is made up of numerous galvanized panels that are bolted together. The tank has a galvanized 30 degree pitched roof with an access hatch. The inside of the tank is designed with a preliner to create a buffer from moisture and temperature which encompasses the flexible membrane liner. This allows for the tank to be 100% waterproof despite all the bolted panels. This tank has allowed the food bank to provide for a community garden, which is helping to teach people how to grow their own food. The food bank also built a playground around this tank to draw attetion toward their focus on sustainability. This project took us about one week to complete.

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